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2010 Emmys Predictions

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Best Comedy Series

This race will be generating plenty of buzz throughout the night as it pits a television dynasty against multiple breakout hits. NBC’s “30 Rock” has won this award for three consecutive years, but this year its crown is threatened from multiple angles.

Fox’s “Glee” has more nominations than any other show in this category, and comes into the race with a Golden Globe win against a very similar line-up. ABC’s “Modern Family” likewise burst out as one of last season’s most impressive new shows and has five acting nominations to back that up. It’s a thick playing field without even factoring in the other nominees, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Nurse Jackie” and “The Office,” and it looks like it may be “30 Rock’s” time to take a seat.

Our Pick To Win: “Glee”

Best Lead Actor, Comedy Series

Matthew Morrison may have had shining song and dance moments on “Glee’s” season one, but he probably won’t be much of a match for back-to-back winner Alec Baldwin, whose biggest pressure comes from Tony Shalhoub’s final season as “Monk,” and Jim Parsons as an under-the-radar favorite for “The Big Bang Theory.”

Our Pick To Win: Alec Baldwin

Best Lead Actress, Comedy Series

A handful of past winners — last year’s winner Toni Collette and the previous year’s winner Tina Fey, 2006’s winner Julia-Louis Dreyfus and three-time Emmy winner Edie Falco (for Dramatic Actress for “The

Sopranos”) — compete against three-time nominee Amy Poehler and newcomer Lea Michele. It’s a category with no runaway frontrunner, and any winner would seem a logical choice.

Our Pick To Win: Toni Collette

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy Series

With “Modern Family” cast members holding half the nomination slots, expect them to cancel each other out for a win. While “Glee’s” Chris Colfer could be a surprise upset, look for Neil Patrick Harris to ride the good vibrations of his diverse and high-profile year to a win over last year’s winner, “Two and a Half Men’s” Jon Cryer.

Our Pick To Win: Neil Patrick Harris

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy Series

It’s a pretty solid line-up, again featuring multiple members of the “Modern Family” team, but if “Glee” is going to scoop an acting award, it’s going to be here. As much as Kristen Wiig has made her mark on “SNL,” it’s hard to deny the sensational buzz surrounding Jane Lynch, who nearly steals the show every week without even singing.

Our Pick To Win: Jane Lynch

Best Drama Series

Like Best Comedy Series, back-to-back winner “Mad Men” will have to push through plenty of heavy competition to score a triple win from the Television Academy. ABC’s “Lost” may receive recognition for its series-ending year, book-ending its Best Drama Series win for its premiere season. Meanwhile, “True Blood” and “Dexter” can reap the benefits of their cult followings

and break out of their niche labels while scoring major wins for premium cable. Despite “Mad Men’s” continued run of success, “Lost” is in a very good position to receive star treatment for its final bow.

Our Pick To Win: “Lost”

Best Lead Actor, Drama Series

Back-to-back winner Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” will have to hold his own against a formidable Michael C. Hall, already Golden Globe-winning for his work on this past season’s “Dexter,” and “Mad Men’s” Jon Hamm, who has yet to win this award. With “Dexter” having one of the most buzzed-about seasons on television, look for Hall to scoop his first Emmy win.

Our Pick To Win: Michael C. Hall

Best Lead Actress, Drama Series

Back-to-back winner Glenn Close seems like a safe choice. Constant nominees Mariska Hargitay and Kyra Sedgwick are Emmy regulars, but neither of their shows have had a standout year. Look for Julianna Margulies to ride the high notices of CBS’s “The Good Wife” ­­­— and a Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe award earlier this year — to her second Emmy win.

Our Pick To Win: Julianna Margulies

Best Supporting Actor, Drama Series

With two of “Lost’s” most electric performers nominated, it’s easy to think they’d cancel each other out, but no one else on the list cries “potential winner” besides Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad.” Barring an upset, look for Terry O’Quinn to nab an award before “Lost” rakes in the big one.

Our Pick To Win: Terry O’Quinn

Best Supporting Actress, Drama Series

With “The Good Wife” and “Mad Men” taking up two-thirds of the slots, conventional wisdom says someone from one of those two shows will win. Although Rose Byrne or Sharon Gless could easily sneak a win for their roles on “Damages” and “Burn Notice,” respectively, we’re hedging our bets that the seductive Christina Hendricks finally breaks “Mad Men’s” curse of no acting wins and gives the show a major prize, even if it loses Best Drama Series.

Our Pick To Win: Christina Hendricks

Best Made for Television Movie: “You Don’t Know Jack”

Best Miniseries: “The Pacific”

Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie: Al Pacino

Best Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie: Joan Allen

Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie: John Goodman

Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie: Susan Sarandon

Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series: “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

Best Reality Competition Program: “The Amazing Race”

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