Friday, February 26, 2010

Nikki Finke weighs in on "Hurt Locker" e-mail controversy

Over on Deadline Hollywood, Nikki Finke has a lot of interesting things to say about Hurt Locker producer Nicholas Chartier's fumble with the rulebook.

Major among that? Finke claims this e-mail is only one in a series she's gotten from MANY producers throughout the campaign season, and she's threatening to go public with all of them. I sure hope she does.

That, and AMPAS's Ryan Dekorte "accidentally" sent an e-mail to everyone in his address book essentially bashing Hurt Locker for bashing Avatar. (you can read the details in Finke's write-up)

AMPAS has called an "emergency meeting" to figure out how to deal with the situation, but most likely all that will happen is Hurt Locker will lose seats in the auditorium. The WORST scenario would probably be Chartier's name being removed from the producing credits, and thus making him ineligible to win the Oscar, but that's pretty drastic.

The UNOFFICIAL side of this is how it may/may not effect voting. The e-mail was supposedly sent about 5 days prior to its going public, meaning if it IS a unique kind of e-mail, it could have pissed off enough people. But with ballots due on Tuesday, it's hard to believe enough people have procrastinated this much for it to make a difference.

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