Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Globe Reactions: I'm okay with it

I've come to expect the worst from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Their awards - at least when it comes to Oscar - are never about what gets left out, but what gets put in. They're star whores. They'd much rather nominate a big name than a breakthrough. That's why I don't care that Jeremy Renner got snubbed in favor of Tobey Maguire in Dramatic Actor.

But, with that in mind:
Up in the Air leads with 6 noms, including a double nod in Supporting Actress. In a year where the critics awards are already semi-divided, Up in the Air gets the small, "zeitgeist" indie slot - people who love it REALLY love it.

The Hurt Locker and Avatar are going to go head to head, and it's almost ironic considering the history of its two directors. James Cameron cheats on Kathryn Bigelow, so she turns around and helms the best film about Iraq to date in the same year he puts out his $300 million sci-fi epic. Right now, she and her film are the frontrunner for Picture and Director.

Meryl Streep and Matt Damon - could this be their year? Both are double-nommed at the Globes, and Meryl's setting herself up for a 3rd Oscar, and Damon could get his first acting Oscar (or at least get two nods)

Nine is still "up in the air" - of course they were going to nominate it! It's looking more and more like a film that will snag 7-8 tech nods and quietly sit on the sidelines.

The Globes did very little to shake things up for me. They kept Precious alive, they gave a major boost to Inglourious Basterds, and also gave a little too much love to Sandra Bullock, It's Complicated, and others.

I'm thinking Up in the Air takes Drama, Hurt Locker takes Director, and Nine takes Musical/Comedy. Screenplay will be Up in the Air or Inglourious Basterds.

Either way, we're in it. The expansion to 10 nominees has blown the lid off this race. These pictures are jockeying for positions. It's wide open right now, with The Hurt Locker nudging over the horizon.

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