Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Road: Trailer 2

I've been waiting for The Road for at least a year, after it was shafted from last October to this past April, and then again to this November. I was upset after a first trailer made it look like a typical end-of-the-world thriller, but this new full length trailer blows me away. The Road was one of the most overpoweringly depressing books I've ever read. Its sparseness and its simplicity, its unrelenting sense of doom and worthlessness - it's a perfect piece of literature.

I am confident this will be one of the best pictures of 2009. Despite some icky looking CG master shots, the atmosphere has been amazingly translated, and Viggo Mortensen bowls me over here. I'm also glad this trailer focuses mostly on the Man and his Son, as all the other characters have about two scenes, tops.

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