Thursday, April 30, 2009

The State of the Blog

The Daily Gamecock has gone to bed for the semester, so everything posted on the blog from here until late August will be "exclusive" material (whatever that means).  You probably won't see much from me until after May 6 (darn exams!).

After though, I've got some good stuff planned for the summer - commentary on Cannes Film Festival, tracking the progression of the summer, seeing as many of the summer movies as I can, and hopefully providing some nice pieces on classic movies to check out (yeah, gotta say I'm excited to get my 450+ DVD library back for a few months), getting geared for fall movie previews, other incendiary and opinionated pieces on the state of the know how I roll.  So the *goal* (although we all know how good I am at following through on these things) is to start providing daily or bi-daily updates since I won't be drowning under a cascade of readings, papers, and other miscellaneous requirements.  We'll see how well this goes.

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