Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dream Sweep

Some might call this a boring awards season, but that would discount the UNBELIEVABLY interesting races in the acting categories (save Supporting Actor, but even that is an emotional ride), Original Screenplay, and a host of tech awards.  These Oscars will be unpredictable and close to insane, even if most people are only focusing on Slumdog's gargantuan accomplishments.  So let's review.

All the major awards are done, the only things left are minor tech guilds (cinematographers, editors, sound designers).  To date, Slumdog has won: the National Board of Review, the Critics Choice, Golden Globe, Producers Guild, Directors Guild, Writers Guild, Screen Actors Guild, and British Academy's highest honors.

The last film to do this? "American Beauty," 9 years ago.  Not even Brokeback Mountain in its massive cultural moment (it lost the SAG to Crash before losing the Oscar) or No Country for Old Men in its coronation (it lost the Globe), or Lord of the Rings (it lost the WGA) have done this.

I cannot stress how astonishing it is for EVERY critical body in America (and nearly everyone in Britain) to come around a movie like this.  Even if I don't think Slumdog deserves ALL these awards (which I don't), this is a major moment.  Were it to be snubbed for Director, Picture, or Adapted Screenplay on Oscar night would be EVEN BIGGER than the Brokeback Mountain snub.

It may be boring that Slumdog has won *all* these awards, but this alignment hasn't happened yet THIS CENTURY. 

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