Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Important Dates!

Happy New Year!  It's been relatively uneventful the last week, hence the lack of posts.  As we turn into 2009, here are some important things to be on the look-out for between now and the Oscars:

Stay posted for all the big awards coverage as we jump down the pipe yet again for what's shaping up to be an intense and competitive season.

January 5
PGA Nominations

January 8
DGA Nominations
Critics Choice Awards

January 11
Golden Globe Awards

January 15
BAFTA Nominations

January 18
The 6th Annual Jagged Edge Award Nominations
My Top 10 List (tentatively)

January 22
Oscar Nominations

January 23
2nd Annual Oscar Predictions Contest Opens

January 25
SAG Awards

February 7
WGA Awards

February 8
BAFTA Awards

February 21
Sixth Annual Jagged Edge Award Winners (tentatively)

February 22
Oscar Predictions Contest Closes
81st Annual Academy Awards

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