Friday, November 14, 2008

Did Entertainment Weekly Rip Me Off?

So here's the deal.  In late August I wrote an article for The Daily Gamecock entitled "Dark Knight Earns Dark Horse Status" where I talk about why TDK is being considered a legitimate contender for the Academy Awards and how it manages to cross the pop culture demographic spectrum.

In the 11/7 issue of Entertainment Weekly, columnist Mark Harris wrote an article called "Dark Knight as Dark Horse."

WHAT???????  Granted, these phrases have been bantered around the internet for some time, and my article distills conversations I've had on with other bloggers, fans, etc. combined with my own views on the film.  While Harris's article doesn't explicitly steal my words, he does take lots of points not only from my article but from others I've read on respected blogs written by respectable people.

Take a look, side-by-side, and see if you can see the similarities:

My article:

Entertainment Weekly's article:,,20237200,00.html

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