Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Currently Watching: High Fidelity (2000)

I still regard Stephen Frears's "High Fidelity" as one of the most balanced, charming comedies of the decade.  Frears is a fabulous director, able to guide his narratives with a very simple visual style that captures his protagonists' point of views succinctly.

John Cusack, whose career has disappointedly been on the backburner of late, gives my personal favorite performance of his career.  In a film that predicates its charm on breaking the fourth wall, Cusack manages to be amiable and cover a wide range of emotions while being humorous.

Most people I've shown it to over the years have gravitated to the film's wonderful screenplay that catapults through Cusack's memories as he tries to negotiate all his failed romances.  They're enjoyed its simultaneously wry and warm sense of humor, its sharp observations on love and music.

It's not a film I've written much about or thought much about in a deeper regard.  It fits its mold as a genre film, working reflexively and almost commenting on its own convention.  Rather, it's a small, well-made film that only gets better with time and worthy of pure enjoyment.

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